Cindy Griffith

Project Pounds Away helped changed Cindy’s life
and gain more energy to keep up with her kids.


In 2013, Cindy Griffith decided it was time to make a change. She didn’t like the way she looked and wanted to be a better role model to her daughter on how to live a healthy lifestyle, so she joined her first Project Pounds Away (PPA) program at the Y and lost 20 lbs.

Inspired by her initial success, she joined PPA for a second time and lost 45 lbs. and won the PPA competition for losing the most weight. Cindy continued participating in PPA classes at the Y and then became pregnant with her second daughter.  While frustrated by the weight she gained during pregnancy, she was determined to prove to herself that she could lose it again and enrolled in more PPA programs and also joined the Y’s Project RIPPED program to increase her fitness and strength.

Cindy is such a believer in the mental, emotional and physical benefits of the programs that she has encouraged many of her friends to join PPA – one friend recently finished in second place in total weight loss.

Cindy says PPA helps you to stay accountable to your fitness goals and she shares her praise of the program so others can feel empowered to change their lifestyles too. Since 2013, she has participated in PPA six times and credits the support of PPA/RIPPED trainers Bob Lee, Evan Kleinhaus and Herbie Beckett (and many hours on the Y’s exercise bike) for her success in losing almost 100 lbs. through this process.

Cindy reflects that carrying the extra weight had made so many things a challenge before, but as a mother to young girls ages 5 years and 18 months, she now has more energy to keep up with their active lives.