Diane Lausman, Jude Sharp and Christine Kaufman

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Their paths crossed through a common interest in cycling, and over the years a friendship has formed between Diane Lausman and fellow City Center Y members Jude Sharp and Christine Kaufman. Diane and Jude have ridden around the state and across the Rocky Mountains together, and Jude taught Christine how to ride when she began training for triathlon races. Together, their fitness goals take them out and about and back to the Y, where in 2013, they all helped Diane recover from a challenging year and achieve a fitness “first.”

After many years as a long-distance runner, Diane switched to cycling in her thirties following multiple knee surgeries. Still riding more than twenty years later, she unfortunately fractured her femur and hip in a cycling accident in June 2012. Following a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period, she got on her bike in April 2013– a bit shaken, but determined to get back up to speed. Slowly, miles logged in the streets and roads of Lancaster County began to add up and by the end of November, she realized she had a shot at riding 10,000 outdoor miles that year!

Diane rode 9,830 miles by December 7, but was then foiled by bad winter weather and an unrelated injury. Needing an indoor alternative and a slower pace while recovering, Diane continued her journey on bikes at the Y, and despite narrowly missing her cycling goal, still reached her highest number of annual miles to date. As usual, Jude and Christine rode alongside Diane for many of those miles, and while helping her reach this goal, were also motivated to keep going and get stronger themselves. For Diane, Jude and Christine, familiar faces have become friends at the Y and the pleasures of a solo ride are balanced by group outings that keep everyone inspired and on track.