Don DeVinney


For many years, the Y’s Project Pounds Away (PPA) program has helped transform people’s lives and improve their health and wellness. Don DeVinney, who was the overall PPA winner in the spring 2016 program, recently shared this great news with his PPA trainer Val Petersheim.

Hi Val,

Just wanted to let you know that I had my annual physical this morning and my Dr. was very pleased. First the weight loss, but also my blood pressure was lower than it has ever been, but when he looked at the results of my blood work, he said, “Wow!” He showed me the comparison of last year’s numbers to this year and almost everything was improved considerably. The really good news was the Glucose. Last time I was in the Pre-diabetes category, but am no longer there. My HDL had also improved considerably. So, thanks for all of your help in achieving these results. Enjoying feeling really good! Don