Glenda Buswell


Glenda Buswell hoped that 2013 would be the year she finally lost some weight and improve her health. Taking that first step was hard, but when her son joined the Army she decided to match his life-changing choice with one of her own. Inspired by his commitment, Glenda decided to sign up for the Y’s Project Pounds Away program (PPA) this past Spring. While she didn’t lose the most weight in her group, the experience was transformative for Glenda in other important ways. She’s experienced a radical reduction in the pain associated with her Fibromyalgia condition.  And with the increased stamina and overall fitness she’s achieved working with her Y trainer and PPA teammates, Glenda says she hasn’t felt so good in twenty years.

Yet Glenda found PPA and her experience at the Y to be so much more than the sum of its parts. Beyond the workouts and weight loss, she found a place that valued the journey as well as the outcomes, where she could work toward a larger change in lifestyle, outlook and overall health. She made connections with people who had similar goals and who looked out for one another along the way. These days, Glenda and her son are looking ahead to their next challenges: he’s gearing up for a special Army training program and she’s planning to sign up for PPA again to build on her strengths and keep on moving!