James Wright

James Wright cropped & rounded

James Wright thrives on competition, so when a group of his co-workers from Sight & Sound Theatres decided to sign up a team for the Y’s Project Pounds Away (PPA) program last Spring, he decided this could be a great way to take his weight loss efforts to the next level. James had lost about 20 pounds on his own, but following PPA and his ongoing commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle, he has lost a total of 102 pounds and gained 15 pounds of muscle in six months! James valued the friendly encouragement and “constant smiles” of his teammates during PPA, and shared that they also created a superhero chart at work to track their weekend progress (he was Robin, of Batman and Robin fame). For James, the goal of PPA was not to beat his teammates, but to use the competition (and supportive, “in your face” motivation of his Y personal coach Tina) to fuel his own success.

At lot has changed for James since joining PPA and the Y and achieving this remarkable goal; most notably is how fitness is now so naturally a part of his and his family’s day to day lives. He appreciates both the Y’s Child Watch services that give him and his wife some free time to work out, which he says feels “almost like a vacation,” and the opportunities to bring his three children in on the fun. In the last few months, James has run both a 5K and a 10K while pushing his three young kids in their three-seat stroller. And on a recent cross-country road trip, the Wright family visited other YMCA’s throughout the mid-west, to make sure their downtime stayed active and healthy. The Y has helped James to set the bar high and reach his goals, as a partner in his fitness firsts and continuing dedication to a healthy, energized life.