resized JavisNashiyah’s three-year-old son Javis attends Lancaster Family YMCA Child Care Center and she’s excited by the progress he’s made in just a short time. “Javis knows his alphabet now and can count to 27. He can spell his name and the names of his classmates. The teachers have been really supportive. They keep me informed on the good things Javis is doing as well as the challenges he’s having, and they work alongside me to find solutions. The center hours are great and fit with my work schedule. An added bonus is that Javis is now closer to where I work in the city.”

Nashiyah wanted Javis to have the same social development opportunities as other kids. As a working mother with three children, finding a preschool that would fit with her budget was tough, but the Y’s Financial Scholarship program that helps offset the cost of tuition fees, made the difference. “The Y’s Financial Scholarship program made it possible for me to put Javis in the program; without that support, Javis wouldn’t have the learning opportunities or social benefits of being with other chil­dren that he has now.”