Kelianna rounded

My three-year-old daughter Kelianna has attended “strictly” day care centers before, but now that she’s enrolled in the Y’s preschool program, she’s become a student – actively learning the alphabet and numbers, and exploring new ideas through stories, pictures and crafts. Kelianna is an only child, so I value the opportunity she has to socialize with the other children at the Y, discovering how to listen, share and be a friend. Her teachers are attentive and genuinely care for each child. I trust that she is in a safe and stimulating environment designed to help her learn and grow.

I’ve enjoyed being a Y member for over ten years, and now that I’m a mother, appreciate the opportunities here for Kelianna as she grows up. From swim lessons to Little Kickers soccer, Kelianna has been able to dive into so many enriching, healthy activities at the Y, with me at her side. By offering financial scholarships, the Y makes their preschool program accessible to all working parents, helping families to balance the demands of work and home. We’ll be sorry to leave the preschool program when it’s time for Kelianna to start school, but I know she’ll be ready to make the most of her education in the years to come.

 ~Kelly Mallery