Member Policies

Strengthening the community is our cause. As we continually look for ways to live that cause, we’ve made some updates to our code of conduct policy to ensure that everyone has a safe, friendly and positive environment in which to learn, grow and thrive. Please take a moment to review the policy.

Always Welcome at the Y  (A.W.A.Y) Program

Are you frequently on the go? No matter where you’re off to, you are “Always Welcome At the Y.” In cooperation with YMCAs throughout the U.S., your Lancaster Family YMCA Association membership offers admittance to participating YMCAs in other locations.

If you are visiting Lancaster, bring your home town YMCA card to any of our Lancaster Family YMCA branches, we will verify that your membership is in good standing with your home branch, and you are welcome to use our facilities 7 times/year without charge. After 7 visits you will be charged the $6 guest fee.

PA YMCA Reciprocity Program

The Lancaster Family YMCA along with other YMCAs in Pennsylvania participate in a PA Reciprocity program – My Y is Every Y in Pennsylvania – providing you with expanded access to YMCA branches across the state. The spirit behind this program is founded in the belief that the YMCA is one movement, and members should be able to utilize Y branches as often as they can to help meet their health and wellness needs.

The My Y is Every Y program comes with no additional fees to you and is open to any full-facility member with an active membership whose home branch participates in the program. Learn more about this program.

Guest Passes to the Y

  • All members receive two free guest passes/year which they can use to bring guests to the Y at no cost.
  • After using the two free guest passes in a year, Y Members can still bring guests to the Y, however those guests would need to purchase a $6.00 day pass.
  • Visitors to the Y who are not accompanied by a Y member can purchase a $15.00 day pass
  • Ongoing and Short-term memberships are available for visitors who would like to use the Y on a longer-term basis.
  • All guests must present photo ID which is to be copied and stapled to their guest pass form (NO EXCEPTIONS).Youth/teen members must have completed orientation in order to bring in guests.
  • Members 12 and over may bring a guest 12 years of age or older. Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older. This adult may be a guest or a Y member.

Wellness Center Guest Policy

  • All guests 16 years of age and older may use the whole facility, excluding the pool, without adult supervision.
  • All guests 12 to 15 years of age may use the wellness center with a member only with adult supervision.  If the member is between 12 and 15 years of age, they must have completed the youth orientation for the guest to use the wellness center.

Lampeter-Strasburg Branch Wellness Guest Policy

  • All guests 10-11 years of age may use the age specific equipment only with adult supervision. If the member is 10-11 years of age they must have completed the youth orientation.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All classes must have a minimum number of participants. Refunds will be issued for cancelled classes and medical excuses. Due to the limited size of classes, there are no make-ups or refunds for missed classes. Classes may be pro-rated after the 3rd week of the session. Schedules and fees are subject to change.