My Y Story: Jordy

Jordy and Jeaneen cropped & rounded

A series of challenges unexpectedly led Jeaneen Hammons’ family to the Y, but this turn of events now seems meant to be. Before enrolling in the Y’s preschool program, her three-year-old son Jordy had been cared for by a close friend while she and her husband Darren worked. When this friend could not longer continue with Jordy’s care, Jeaneen and Darren were faced with a challenge. They wanted their son to spend his days in a trustworthy and nurturing setting, where he would receive socialization and learning to prepare him for school. Yet the family also faced a financial hurdle, as many preschool options they reviewed were costly, and then suddenly more out of reach when Darren lost his job.

The family didn’t know much about the Y or its preschool program when they first came in for a tour and to learn more. They discovered that a financial scholarship would help defray the cost, and the inclusion of a family membership to the Y was an unexpected solution to another challenge.  Jeaneen recently had gastric sleeve surgery to aid in her weight loss efforts and needed to incorporate regular exercise into her life. She can now pick up Jordy from preschool and head across the street to the Y to work out. She talks about this step as a healthy choice for her whole family, enabling her to bring more strength and energy to their daily lives. “There’s a whole new world of things that are now open to us at the Y,” Jeaneen shares.

In just a few months, Jordy’s parents have seen him thrive. Jeaneen is delighted by his enthusiastic chatter about what he learned each day from teachers he looks up to and the fun he had with his new friends. As an only child, they value how he’s learning to share and cooperate with others. Jordy is also learning the importance of physical activity at a young age. He’ll be taking swim lessons this Spring, and in the meantime, Jeaneen points out with a laugh that Jordy often greets her with a “hey Mom, are we going to the Y?” at the end of the day, keeping her inspired to keep on going.