Ken Bray

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“Becoming part of the Y has really opened our eyes,” explains member Ken Bray about he and his family’s experience over the past year. While Ken and his wife Brooke had worked out at a local gym franchise for some time, they felt something was missing from that experience. Despite regular exercise and the belief that he was eating a healthy diet, Ken was stuck in default behaviors and was at an unhealthy weight. His gym also lacked programs for kids and families that would bring them all together for healthy activities. Ken volunteers with a local fire company, and was aware that heart attacks are an all-too common risk for firefighters. When he received information about a special membership offer for first responders at the Y, he and Brooke quickly signed up for a tour of the YMCA at New Holland.

The family soon joined the Y and Ken took part in the SMART Start program which pairs members with Y personal trainers for individualized attention and motivation. He notes that trainer Kevin Stauffer began by simply orienting him to how to use the exercise equipment and discussing what would work best to meet his goals. And yet, this program began something of a chain reaction for Ken and his family. Everyone was enjoying time at the Y – from Ken and his wife doing Body Pump and the Warehouse Workout together, to their children having fun in Fit Kids. Friends and family noticed their new activity and plans were made to meet up with their kids at the pool, run on the track together before work, or discuss healthy eating.

Over the past year, Ken has found renewed energy, increased alertness, a passion for learning about nutrition and has lost over 50 pounds. He and Brooke discovered where their food choices were falling short and learned new ways to eat better. As they stopped hiding under layers of oversize clothing, becoming fitter and more confident, they also peeled back the layers of their past behaviors and perceived limits. The Bray family came to the Y to find wellness and family fun; they have now embraced a new way of living and are inspiring members of our healthy community.