Kristen and Aaron Young

Kristen and Aaron Young rounded

Kristen and Aaron Young have each lost a significant amount of weight through their participation in Project Pounds Away (PPA) at the Y; but this was not their initial goal. They were motivated to improve their health, set positive examples for their three daughters and regain balance in their lives. Kristen, a City Center Y staff member for the past six years, was also inspired by the lasting, supportive friendships that she saw take shape during each PPA session. She realized that success meant different things for everyone who took part, and last fall, Kristen made the pitch to her husband that PPA could help them make the lasting changes they sought for their health and well-being.

Aaron, a volunteer with the Boy Scouts, had literally been experiencing a loss of balance during hikes and other outings with the troop. As Managing Director of the Fulton Theatre, his challenges also included carving out the time for exercise and healthy eating choices while balancing the demands of his work. In addition to the weight loss he’s now achieved, Aaron feels a renewed sense of control, is more alert and energetic and has dramatically improved ongoing health conditions. He sums up an important take-away from his PPA experience as “taking the time to be mindful of your own needs.”  Kristen was not facing acute health concerns, but wanted to lose weight and encourage Aaron to do the same. She also wanted them to model healthy behaviors for their children, and realized “if change was going to happen, it had to start with me.”

Kristen and Aaron are proud that their daughters have begun to adopt many of their new healthy behaviors and are excited that their successes have also encouraged others in their lives. Aaron applauded the value of PPA during a talent-show style fundraising event at the Fulton (complete with squats and lunges), inspiring a theatre donor to sign up for the program last spring. Three of Kristen’s City Center Y co-workers were also motivated by her successes to take part in PPA themselves. Kristen is confident that the lessons her family has learned will stay with them, and her daughter Elizabeth agrees, saying “my mom never stops moving now!”