My Y Story: Landon

Landon & gals at park cropped

My five year old son Landon attended preschool at the Lancaster Family YMCA Child Care Center this year before beginning Kindergarten and our family could not be more pleased with his caring, individualized learning experience there. The group instruction covered those school readiness markers important for all the kids, while also delivering specialized lessons that met each child’s particular needs. For example, while younger children might be working on their alphabet, Landon practiced writing his name. Landon and the other kids enjoyed many types of hands-on lessons tied to a weekly theme, from learning to sing songs to creating art projects.

We also valued the overall environment of the preschool and its connections to the culture of the Y. The Center is thoughtfully arranged and full of natural light. A fringe benefit of time spent outdoors this summer was the opportunity for the kids to cross paths with older children attending the City Center Y’s day camp and see other positive role models within the Y community. The Center’s staff members are kind, responsible people who model the core values of the Y, and in turn helped to foster these qualities in Landon.

While many child care centers feel like just somewhere you go when mom and dad are at work, the Lancaster Family YMCA’s preschool is a truly special place where Landon’s individuality was appreciated and nurtured, and where he found the start to life-long learning and friendships.

~Meredith Moore