Maddy Fritz

Maddy Fritz rounded

Although my eleven-year-old daughter Maddy had swam competitively for years, recently her confidence was lagging and she was struggling to achieve her goals in and out of the pool. We decided to give the swim team at the YMCA at New Holland a try, and it has been a transformational experience for Maddy. In addition to the guidance and encouragement of her wonderful coach, the warm support of the New Holland community of teammates, parents and supporters has helped her make incredible strides. She’s exceling in the pool, taking on leadership roles at school, and is once again a happy, confident kid! In a word, she’s soared!

Maddy recently completed a “What If?” writing assignment for school. She asked herself the question “What if I never joined the New Holland Aquatics Club?” This was part of her answer: “If I never joined…I would never have met such a great swim team. NHAC works together like one giant family. We are all so close to each other [and] put our best effort into everything we do. When we’re all at a swim meet and you look up into the stands, you can spot where the New Holland parents are sitting, all wearing red. I don’t know what I would do without such a great team.”

By hosting Maddy’s swim team, the YMCA is supporting not just my child, but the entire community. The kids are thriving, the parents are talking, and the possibilities for the program are growing, thanks to the Y.

~Lesley Groff