The Brown Family

Kyle and Mekhi Brown rounded

At first glance, the Fit Kids program at the City Center Y looks like a lively session of indoor recess – with children running in every direction, laughing and horsing around.  Yet within a few minutes, it becomes clear that this popular program is so much more. Instructors lead kids ages 6-12 in structured play and games that are a fun way to establish healthy exercise habits and nurture positive behaviors. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children, creating active family time that everyone enjoys. Kids get to mix with peers from other schools or neighborhoods and connect with new adult role models. Fit Kids is not a one-size-fits-all program; each kid and family can find their own rewards where exercise meets opportunities for improved social skills, confidence and motivation.

Fit Kids is clearly time well-spent for Kyle Brown and his ten-year-old son Mekhi, who attend almost every week. Mom Miriam often joins the pair for Family Zumba, which runs right after Fit Kids. Kyle explains, “Mekhi is on the autism spectrum and Fit Kids helps him overcome the barriers he sometimes experiences with social interaction…and we both have a lot of fun!” Kyle first participated in Fit Kids to help facilitate a positive experience for his son, but over time, his role has changed. While he’s sometimes close at hand, he also pulls back to let Mekhi find his own way. Kyle is also impromptu cheerleader and assistant to the Y Instructor, running around with the kids, delivering encouraging words and high-fives along the way.