Pete Beckary

Pete Beckary cropped 2

Pete Beckary had been active as a youth and young adult; he ran track in high school and built his own bicycle to keep fit in his early twenties. But by his late forties, Pete realized that the stress of a recent divorce and long hours at work had taken their toll. Four years ago, Pete joined the New Holland Rec Center (now the YMCA at New Holland) to lose weight and improve his overall well-being. Through almost daily group exercise classes and work with personal trainers, Pete lost forty pounds, has been able to discontinue medication for a chronic health condition and is training for a half marathon this Spring.

Pete credits the instructors and his fellow classmates for not only keeping him motivated toward his fitness goals, but for providing a fun network of social support that feels like family. Pete turns fifty this July, and has observed how many adults in his age group take their health for granted. He’s determined to continue on his path toward lifelong wellness, and is enjoying the journey.