Sarah Wei

Child Watch staff member Miss Deb was the helping hand Sarah needed most

Y members Sarah Wei and her husband Wenxin are active people who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. After the birth of their son Teddy, Sarah knew it was important that they maintain their fitness routines; however, Teddy was having separation anxiety issues which made it challenging for Sarah to leave him.

When Teddy was 14 months old, she brought him to the L-S Y Child Watch room in the hopes it would help ease the separation anxiety and also give her an opportunity to work out and get some time to herself. Sarah works part-time from home, and she knew that having the ability to take a few moments every day to focus on herself and connect with other people was really important in maintaining a healthy balance for their family.

When Sarah dropped off Teddy that first day at Child Watch she met Miss Deb and everything fell into place. Miss Deb understood Teddy’s situation and was very attentive to his needs. She made Sarah feel very comfortable and made the transition so much easier. Sarah said, “Miss Deb is caring, warm, trustworthy, welcoming and makes you feel like you and your child are the most important people in that moment. She reassured me that if we worked together this would work out and Teddy would be fine. She continued to update me on his progress.”

With the help of Miss Deb and the other Child Watch staff things did work out. Teddy is doing great, has made some new friends and loves Child Watch. Sarah and her husband have found the support they need, while also being able to set an example for Teddy on the importance of family health and wellness.

Sarah’s positive Y experience led her to give back to help others at the Y. In talking with some Y members, she learned that the current Squat Rack at the L-S Y was used heavily and having an additional one would be very helpful. She spoke with L-S Y Health and Wellness Director Herb Beckett about this need and offered to donate a squat rack to the Y.  Sarah shares, “The Y is a community and when your community supports you, you want to support them back.”

Since it was installed, the new squat rack has been a benefit to many Y members, and as an expression of their gratitude for Miss Deb and the difference she made for their family, Sarah, Wenxin and Teddy have dedicated the new squat rack in Miss Deb’s honor.