Board Leadership

Our Leadership

The strength and stability of the Lancaster Family YMCA lies within our leadership. The boards of directors and managers are comprised of dedicated local volunteers who help govern the YMCA with a strong sense of responsibility for the quality of life in our community. Working together with our professional leadership staff, they help determine program direction and YMCA policy. Thank you to each board member and staff member of the YMCA for helping build strong kids, strong families and strong communities!


Association Board of Directors

William Hauber, Chair
Jane McMinn, Vice Chair
Steve Kirchner, Treasurer
Robert Drummond, Secretary
Eric Arcudi
Blaze Cambruzzi
Beth Cardwell
Christopher Flores
Susan Friedman
Patrick Gendrue
Mark Hackenburg
Grant Hummer
Greg Kile
Scott Kimmel
Mara Creswell McGrann
Ronnie Medlock
Heather Neary
Dr. Carol Powell
Dr. Jennifer Reinhart
Dwight Yoder


City Center Branch Board of Managers

Samantha Seifried, Chair
Dr. Jennifer Reinhart, Vice Chair
Steve Kirchner, Treasurer
Jane Price, Secretary
Eric Arcudi
Mark Cloyd
Stuart Jeffcoat
Brian Keener
Mike Kreider
Ruth Rivera
Nicole Seuffert


Lampeter-Strasburg Board of Managers

Doug Schultz, Chair
Gary Weaver, Vice Chair
Doug Price, Treasurer
Mark Smith, Secretary
Beth Cardwell
Scott Kimmel
Bill Magagna
Jason McDougall
Ronnie Medlock
Tom Mellinger
Dr. Jeffrey Smecker


Camp Shand Board of Managers

Andrew Fletcher, Chair
Ken Kreider, Vice Chair
Roger Armstrong
Dr. William R.A. Boben, Jr.
Dr. Thomas Carmany
Peter Frailey
Laurie Funk
Colleen Gallo
Karen Groh
Mark Hackenburg
Grant Hummer
Dr. Joseph Kristobak

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All branches of the Lancaster Family YMCA, as well as the Lampeter Pool and Camp Shand, remain closed due to the financial uncertainty LFY is facing and the shutdown orders issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a result of COVID-19.Read More.