Closing the Academic
Achievement Gap

In Lancaster County, 40% of children under age 18 are living in low-income families.*
Children from low-income families have a proven “gap in learning” throughout their academic life as compared to their higher-income peers. A lack of financial resources to participate in quality Early Learning programs and ongoing Summer Enrichment experiences are factors that contribute to this problem.

When children don’t participate in quality early learning programs they often start school unprepared, falling behind their peers at the beginning of their academic careers. This problem only deepens when they lack access to summer learning and enrichment opportunities, causing the gap in learning to widen over time. The negative impact of the achievement gap becomes evident in students’ grades, standardized-test scores, low graduation and college attainment rates.

2017 Closing the Academic Achievement Gap Highlights

113 children participated in YMCA Pre-K/Early Learning programs.
99 children received financial assistance to attend these programs.

94 children attended YMCA Summer Learning Loss Prevention programs offered at no cost to the families.

332 children attended summer day camps at YMCA branches.

788 children attended day and resident camps at YMCA Camp Shand.
419 children received financial assistance to attend Camp Shand.

Learn more in our 2017 Community Impact Report


The Lancaster Family YMCA is Closing the Academic Achievement Gap with programs for preschool to late teen years.

* Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children – 2017 State of the Child Report