Personal & Nutrition Coaches

Our Personal and Nutrition Coaches and Mind & Body Coaches can support your efforts in attaining a healthy lifestyle by helping you create a personalized wellness plan and providing the expertise and motivation you need to reach your goals. We offer a variety of Coaching packages. Please call our branch Welcome Desks to schedule coaching and to learn about the availability of our coaches. (Please note that listed beside each personal coach’s name are the branch/branches that they support)

Mind & Body Coaches

Amber Ackerley (City, Lampeter-Strasburg)

Personal Coaches

Dana Burig (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Jane Keeler (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Bob Lee (City)

Desi Mancarini (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Alicia O’Donel (City)

Terryl Rex (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Damien Ruiz (City, Lampeter-Strasburg)

Amy Schultz (City)

Lori Wagner (City)

Maria Waterfield (City)

Adrian Viruet (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Nutrition Coaches

Rachel Barlow (City, Lampeter-Strasburg)

Emily Ellis (City, Lampeter-Strasburg)

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