Alice Simpson

For Alice Simpson the Y was not just a great place to regain health and wellness, but also a place to find friends and support.

Alice Simpson was born in New York, New York in 1927. She has raised 6 children and many grandchildren. Alice has traveled up and down the east coast throughout her life before settling in Lancaster. She came to the Y in 2014 and barely used her membership due to a shoulder surgery, two hip replacements, one knee replacement and multiple surgeries on her hips and knees. As she puts it, “They cut me up like I was a slab of beef.” In 2015, Alice made it her goal to use the Y and has been using the hot tub and pool every weekday to get her exercises in even when she’s having a lazy, down day. Her mood cheers up as she spends time with friends in the hot tub and pool as well as the staff that make sure she laughs, but not too hard. Her movement is getting better and she’s much stronger even at 90 years old thanks to the morning staff and members that make sure she leaves with a smile!

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