Autumn and Avery Zodet

Sisters Autumn and Avery Zodet began their swimming careers with the Diplomat swim club when they were 8 and 6. When the Diplomats merged with the YMCA in September to form the new YMCA Lancaster Lightning swim team, that Zodets continued with their teammates and came to the YMCA, and they couldn’t be happier.

“The transition through the merger was very smooth with open communication,” explains mom, Vicki. “The coaches, teammates, and the staff at the YMCA City Branch have played a huge role in making us feel welcome and developing a great experience for the other swimmers and their families. Being part of the Y has provided the swimmers with opportunities to participate in community events as a team like the Walk for CaRE.”

In addition to swimming, Autumn loves being able to attend fitness classes at the YMCA and participating in the SMART start program.

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