Erin’s Y Story

Erin Croumbley is a busy working mom with sons ages 7 and 15, so finding time to work out is difficult, but she knew she needed to take the time to help herself. She had tried to follow fitness routines in the past with limited success.

When she came to the YMCA at New Holland a year and half ago she was determined to make it work this time and she credits the people at the Y with helping her make that happen.

Erin started working with Y personal coaches Jenn Youndt and Lance Peifer who got her started with weight training and running – something she had never done before. They kept her from getting discouraged as she hit plateau periods and Jenn said many times “don’t look at the scale.”

“All the staff have been amazing and so helpful in answering my questions and providing support. Everyone here is welcoming and it’s a close-knit environment. Other Y members that I didn’t know started coming up to me to tell me how great I’m doing and offer words of encouragement,” said Erin.

Erin has now lost more than 100 lbs., and while she still has a weight goal she’d like to reach, she said that she feels better and her overall wellness has improved. She also admits that she likes running now and getting faster is her most important focus.

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