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Why are you not merging with YMCA of Greater Brandywine?

Boards of directors from both the Lancaster Family YMCA and YMCA of Greater Brandywine agreed to allow the management agreement to term out and for both associations to move on. COVID certainly played a major role in this decision.

What is a management agreement?

A management agreement is an agreement between two local YMCAs where one YMCA is contracting for particular services and the servicing YMCA agrees to provide such services. The agreement is specific as to what services are being provided as well as the duration of the agreement.

For how long is the management agreement and what happens after the management agreement?

The current management agreement between the LFY and the YMCA of York and York County is until January 31, 2021 and is Phase 1 with a hopeful Phase 2. Phase 2s timeframe would be from February 1, 2021 through, potentially, the end of 2021. Included in Phase 2 is a deeper study and due diligence for a longer term partnership.

What specifically is the YMCA doing to reduce its debt?

LFY has been very diligent laying out a plan for significant debt reduction for sustainability. This has included some dissolving of association assets, e.g. the New Holland branch, and will include a comprehensive debt reduction structure that will be fully enacted, as a goal, by December 31, 2020.

How will a fundraising campaign help the Y?

A campaign will kick off in the early fall with a goal of raising $1.5M to support the YMCA’s reawakening from COVID-19 as well as ensuring operational support over the next 18 months as the association continues to reposition itself in the Lancaster community.

Where can I learn more about what’s available at the Y?

Join the Y! Keep updated and like our social media platforms and updates on the website.

What is the Y doing to keep members safe?

A group of volunteers who are experts and leaders in community health, have developed and assisted the staff in implementing processes and systems to ensure the safety of members and staff who come to our facilities. These standard operating procedures were developed in concert with the CDC and the PA DOH and will be monitored.

What are income-based memberships?

In alignment with the YMCA mission to ensure that no person is ever turned away for services due to an economic challenge, the YMCA’s memberships are based on the household income.

I am a Y member, when will my monthly draft begin?

October 2020 the LFY will resume drafting monthly membership fees according to member’s drafting schedule.

What is the LIVESTRONG program?

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a cancer survivor program initiated by the LIVESTRONG Foundation. YMCAs are the only provider of this program in the country. Clients are referred by their medical team and participate in a curriculum focused and developed for them but held in a group setting that provides support and fellowship. Each survivor’s program is individually tailored for them by our professionally certified team of LIVESTRONG professionals. The program is delivered for free to the survivor and their caregiver.

What is the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)?

The DPP is a nationally licensed program that addresses the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. The program was developed by the National Institute of Health in conjunction with Y USA and focuses on real and sustainable lifestyle changes that reduce overall body weight contributing to defending the onset of Type 2 diabetes. The program requires the client have a pre-diabetes diagnosis and the certified staff working under a certified and empirically proven curriculum, work with the client’s medical team.

How do I enroll a child in the Safety Around Water classes?

More information will be shared on our website and at our branches about Safety Around Water classes and how to enroll prior to the reintroduction of this program.

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