Kelly Mallery

Kelly Mallery & Daughter rounded

Kelly Mallery joined the Y ten years ago, through her employer’s participation in the Y’s Healthy Workplace Program. She initially got involved with some group exercise classes and lost nearly 40 pounds, but it was several more recent life-changing events that would shape the important role the Y plays in her life today.

Kelly was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer that required extensive treatment and surgery. While she must continue to monitor her condition, her prognosis is good. As she began to recover, Kelly turned to the Y to regain her strength and have fun. Zumba class at the City Center Y is a particular favorite of hers, and Kelly says “Greta is a great instructor, and she even announced to the class when I was six months cancer free, which meant a lot to me.”

The Y’s Financial Assistance program has been an important resource for Kelly, allowing her to take advantage of a full range of additional programs for her three-year old daughter Kelianna, now and as she continues to grow. “My daughter loved her swim lessons at the Lampeter-Strasburg Y and I was so impressed with her instructor Clay who is patient and great with the kids. Now she shouts ‘swim, swim’ when we get close to the Y,” explains Kelly. This summer, Kelianna will also attend the Y’s Child Care Center and get moving on the baseball field with Little Sluggers. Kelly sees the Y not just as family-friendly, but as a family resource, which continues to grow in value for her own.