Lane Y Story

Lane has struggled with his weight for the past 30 years. It was the most difficult challenge of his life. He had visited several fitness facilities, but they didn’t feel right for him. Lane explains, “If you are dealing with weight issues it can be very intimidating walking into a facility where no one looks like you.”

He was frustrated with his situation and determined to make a change, but he knew he needed help, so he reached out to Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition for support. The folks there steered him towards two options – one being the Lancaster Family YMCA’s Project Pounds Away (PPA) program.

When Lane walked into the City Center YMCA, he immediately felt comfortable. “Everyone was so friendly and I saw people like me.”

Lane joined a PPA class led by Bob Lee and his weight loss journey took off. “Bob is an amazing guy. He knows when to push you and when to ease up. He wasn’t just a coach. He was a supportive counselor too.”

Bob Lee (left) and Lane

After PPA, Lane joined the City Center YMCA to keep his momentum going and has now lost 104 lbs total. Lane doesn’t want to stop there — he says he has another 50 pounds to go to reach his ideal weight, so he plans to keep working to get it off, and stick with a plan to keep it off. That will be in close partnership with the YMCA. “I know the supportive staff and the other members can help me see this through to the end, and help me maintain my ideal weight,” he said.

Lane states that coming to the YMCA made the difference in his life and his ability to take the steps needed to lose the weight. “I really value the diverse community at the YMCA and I feel welcome here. The Y staff and fellow Y members have been so supportive of me. I would tell others who have been afraid to act on their weight issues to come to the Y.”

** Story update**
Lane has kept his momentum going. He participated in a second Project Pounds Away class in the spring of 2018 and has now lost a total of 140 pounds.

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