Parking at the Y

Parking at the Y is free to all members and guests while visiting the Y to workout or participate in a Y activity.

Parking at the City Center YMCA

  • The City Center branch parking lot located behind the facility
  • The Clipper Stadium parking lot – After 12 PM the Clipper Stadium Parking Lot is not available on Barnstormers’ game days.
  • After 12:00 PM on game days, the back entrance to the Y parking lot will be chained off and members can only access the Y parking lot from the Harrisburg Pike entrance.
  • The Heart Group after 5 PM and on weekends only – This parking area is not available on Barnstormers game days.

Parking at the Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA

  • Parking is available in the Lampeter-Strasburg branch parking lot

Parking at the YMCA at New Holland

  • Parking is available in the YMCA at New Holland branch parking lot. In addition to our main parking lot, parking for Y members and guests is also available in the first parking lot located to the right as you turn off Shirk Road onto the drive that takes you to the YMCA. (This is the parking lot located across the street from the New Holland Re-Uzit Shop.) Parking is available in this lot down to the Bank.

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