Corporate Membership

Health Employees. Healthy Bottom Line.

The health of your employees affects the health of your organization. A healthy workforce is in a company’s best interest: it helps productivity, reduces health care costs and prevents absenteeism. According to the Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health and Wealth, 55% of workers identified a workplace wellness program as an instrument in improving their overall well-being. It equates to $250 million in savings in lower health care costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees.

The Lancaster Family YMCA can help you improve the health and wellness of your employees and their families through a corporate membership program and customized workplace wellness programs.

YMCA Corporate Membership Program

The Lancaster Family YMCA Corporate Membership Program is available to businesses at no cost. To be eligible for this program, the business must commit to having a minimum of 20 employees join the YMCA and maintain a YMCA membership.
The YMCA Corporate Membership Program offers the following benefits to employees and their families:

  • 10% off standard YMCA monthly membership fees
  • No YMCA membership join fee for your employees and their immediate family
  • Complimentary participation in YMCA Group Exercise and Water Fitness classes
  • Complimentary Child Watch (babysitting services) while using the YMCA facilities
  • Free personal wellness consultations – SMART Start Program
  • Priority program registration with reduced member rates for programs
  • Nationwide Membership


YMCA Workplace Wellness Programs

The Lancaster Family YMCA can create customized workplace wellness programs to meet your organization’s budget and employee needs. We also offer add-on services, customizable facility-usage reports and group or individual volunteer opportunities within our Y branches.

See our Workplace Wellness Program options.

Please contact corporate@lancasterymca.org for more information on how your organization can participate in the Corporate Membership and Workplace Wellness Programs.

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