Emily Pushes Her Limits With Y Personal Trainer Missy

Emily pushes her limits with the support of Y Personal Trainer Missy

Working with a personal trainer can elicit extraordinary potential in people that they didn’t realize they could tap into.  The relationships forged in these partnerships can become exceptionally strong, with both parties benefiting in more than just physical aspects.  This was especially the case with Emily Marks and her YMCA trainer Missy O’Malley at the YMCA at New Holland.  Missy and Emily met through personal training at the YMCA at New Holland; Missy’s background and training concentrations matched up with Emily’s initial goals of just trying to be more consistent with making the time to work out.  Little did Emily know how far Missy would end up pushing her.  After only a few sessions together, Missy had planted the seed of training for a full-blown triathlon.

With Missy having nearly 20 years of running experience, including multiple triathlons and marathons of her own, some may say she had a specialized bias towards this triathlon training.  Nevertheless, Missy’s passion for outdoor lifestyle training made this partnership bloom quite fast.  Emily had been an avid swimmer in high school, so Missy had an inkling that she would excel in the water.  She was right!  Missy noticed Emily’s strength, speed, and endurance in the water, exclaiming that she was “SO FAST.”  Immediately seeing that Emily dominated the piece of the race puzzle that, “many beginner triathletes struggle with the most,” she asked Emily if she would consider the Lititz Rec triathlon.  There was only one stipulation before Emily accepted…Missy had to race with her.

Already being a fish in the water, Missy knew “her concern was the running portion, so we focused on that for the majority of the training.”  Missy formulated the plan to put Emily through a “couch to 5k” program to get Emily on the treadmill or the pavement three times a week.  Meanwhile, Emily would get pool workouts in on her own accord, keep up with her strength training, and the two would seize any opportunities they could to ride bikes together.

Missy on left. Emily on right

Personal training relationships always come with disagreements or hardships, and when Missy was asked about these, she stated that scheduling was really the hardest part and how getting two persons’ totally different schedules to line up is quite difficult.  But like any determined team, they would encourage each other throughout the week via texts.  It just goes to show that the hours on the time sheet are usually only a fraction of time and effort that YMCA trainers put into their clients.

Missy relayed how taxing the actual race was with, “temperatures hitting 90+ degrees, making the run portion very difficult at the end.”  Later, Missy exclaimed how Emily absolutely crushed the swim portion, and that even with the heat, they kept their spirits high.  In the end, Missy explained how great of an experience it was for both of them, and that, “[she] is a firm believer that if you find things that people love to do, and they will want to be at the gym and busy keeping their bodies moving.”  The YMCA harbors an environment where trainers will take time to find out what truly drives people and gets their blood boiling, which allows for a much stronger, sustainable trainer-client relationship.

Missy and Emily ran a 5k at the end of November as payback to prove they can breeze through this run without the dreaded heat of summer slowing them down.

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