Named Gift Opportunities

Named Gift Opportunities

Are you passionate about the Y’s mission? A Named Gift to the Lancaster Family YMCA provides the opportunity for you to be a prime mover of that mission and will create a lasting impact in the community. The Y has offered Name Giving Opportunities in the past such as the Steinman Natatorium and Saxton Family Gym at the City Center YMCA, the Gelhard Family Education and Recreation Center at Camp Shand, and the Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster gym and pool area at the Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA.

We’re offering this program again, and shown below are opportunities for Named Gifts available at our branches and Camp Shand. Please contact Lancaster Family YMCA at info@lancasterymca.org with any interest in this opportunity.

Over 3 Years of Giving

City Center YMCA and  Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA

  • Association Offices and Conference Room (City $25K)
  • Kitchenettes (L-S $25K; City $15K)
  • Mezzanine Track (City $50K)
  • Outdoor Pool (L-S $250K)
  • Outdoor Pool Concessions Building (L-S $25K)
  • Lampeter-Strasburg Building ($1M)
  • City Center YMCA Building ($1M)
  • Cycling Studio (L-S $50K; City $50K)
  • Group Exercise Studio (L-S $50K; City $50K)
  • Sauna (City $20K)
  • Child Watch Centers (L-S $25K; City $25K)


YMCA Camp Shand

  • 10 Cabins Sponsorships ($10K each)
  • Camp Pool ($100K)
  • Bathhouse ($150K)
  • Dining Hall ($250K)
  • Camp Office ($150K)
  • Lake (TBD)
  • Chapel (TBD)




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