YMCA Official Pool Policies

Pool Policy For Inclement Weather

Click here for our Indoor Pool Policy for Inclement Weather.

Pool Policies

1. No swimming when lifeguard is not on duty
2. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool
3. Obey lifeguards at all times
4. No gum, food or smoking in locker rooms/pool area
5. Any open wound must be properly bandaged, with lifeguard approval
6. No glass containers in pool or locker room areas
7. No running, pushing, dunking or horseplay at any time
8. Swim equipment for instruction, swim team, and lap swimmers only. NO YMCA equipment may be used during family swim times.
9. Circle swim etiquette will be used when there are more than two swimmers in a lane
10. Proper bathing attire must be worn at all times. No t-shirts, cut offs or gym shorts. Infants must have water proof diapers.
11. Flotation devices must be type 2 Coast Guard approved. No swimmies. Pool toys must be approved by the lifeguard.
12. No diving anywhere in the pool unless under the supervision of a coach or instructor. Starting blocks are to be used only under the supervision of a coach.
13. Lap lanes are reserved for those who are swimming laps or aqua jogging.
14. Anyone 12 years of age or younger is required to take the swim test to swim in the deep end. Download our Swim Test FAQ’s.
15. Parents/guardians are required to be in the water within arm’s length with any child 12 or under that has not successfully passed the swim test. For children 12 or under that have passed the swim test successfully, parents or guardians are not required to be in the water but must remain in the pool area. If a child is 13 or older the parents may be elsewhere in the facility.
16. Children who have not passed the swim test are allowed to go with their parent/guardian only as deep as that parent/guardian can stand.
17. No profanity