Staff Directory

Larry Richardson
717-812-0119 x301

Mike Smith
Director of Operations

Cindy Aument
Chief Financial Officer
717-393-9622 x1005

Megan Hill
Director of Human Resources
717-812-0119 x306

Jessica Garner
Accounting and HR Assistant
717-393-9622 x1023
(Employment Verifications)

Joe Kirkenir
Director of Development and Communications
717-812-0119 x300

Nancy Pleger
Development Coordinator
717-393-9622 x1026

Melissa Adams
Senior Director of Youth Development
717-393-9622 x1124

Gwyn Atkinson
Director of Competitive Swimming
717-393-9622 x1139

Matt Cicchillo
Sports and Camp Director
717-464-4000 x1215

Rick Wagner
Aquatics Director
717-464-4000 x1243

Evan Kleinhaus
Healthy Living Coordinator
717-393-9622 x1162

Desi Mencarini
Membership Coordinator
717-464-4000 x1222

Jennifer Niemeyer
Healthy Living Coordinator
717-464-4000 x1208

Jessica Rodriguez
Senior Director of Community Health
717-464-4000 x1220

Matt Seigford
Facilities Director
717-393-9622 x1112

Luke Stager
Aquatics Coordinator
717-393-9622 x1143

Jennifer Youndt
Membership Director
717-393-9622 x1113

Amber Zimmerman
Assistant Director of Youth Development
717-393-9622 x1050


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